Girls Night,Star Wars, & Long Hikes:

  Last week some of my close girlfriends and I planned a girls night out to Cheesecake Factory followed by some chick flicks and facials at my house. We got all dolled up and had a great evening.  

The next day we had plans to host a Star Wars themed birthday bash for our Star Wars obsessed friend Chris. Everyone came dressed as their favorite Star Wars character. We had pizza, Yoda soda, Jeti juice, and cheesecake brownies. I dressed like Yoda and Nathan was Hans Solo, we had a great time!

My friend Hannah and I tried out some fun looking couples yoga poses the other night and had a blast laughing and getting a workout at the same time.  This pose was my favorite, yoga is HARD.
Hannah and I decided to lace up our hiking shoes and hit the trails for a few miles of hiking  at Government Canyon State Park. They were said to have real live dinosaur footprints there at the end of the hike so we were determined to see those footprints!      

We finally made it to the Dino prints but most of them were covered by water. Regardless it was a great 2 hour hike!

for date night lately we’ve been having a blast! We went to the Alamo Draft house on Sunday night to see Zootopia. At this theater they serve you restaurant style at your chair while watching the movie. I got a huge silver bowl full of unlimited popcorn with decadent butter on top and Nathan got a bacon cheeseburger and we shared some drinks. It is definitely my new favorite way to see a movie.

I’m out the door to have dinner with my friend Hannah! Catch you later!

Lauren ❤



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