Spring Break 2016:

Spring break was this past week for the school that I teach at. My mom made plans to fly in for the week! Before we picked her up at the airport on Sunday, we had a going away lunch with some friends of ours who are moving to Washington.

We went to Cheddars for the send off lunch and it was so good to spend some extra time with our good friends before their big move.

Sunday evening we picked up my beautiful mama and headed to Canes for a fried chicken dinner at her request. It was so great to see her smiling face after not sing her since Christmas time. 

We ordered some lemonade and fried chicken. I was unable to eat any because of the breading but I enjoyed a few of Nathan’s fries and lemonade. 

 The next day mom and I got dressed up and headed out to the shopping center at La Cantera. We shopped and had a blast as we looked around in all the beautiful shops. We made a few purchases at the Clinique counter and smelled all the delicious perfumes. 


Mom was such an incredible help to me this week, she cooked her delicious spaghetti and made the best meatballs using  veal, pork, and beef. It was so nice to have some of my moms amazing homecooking again! How cute is she?
We also made a trip to At Home and bought all the fixings to create an Easter wreath. I am super happy with how this wreath looks on the door!


While she was here we had to take advantage of the beautiful 90* weather so we put on our tank tops and shorts and sat out in the driveway to catch some rays.

Since the rest of the week was raininy, we decided to go check out some coffee shops and around a little city of Gruene.


I got a delicious latte from Kona coffee shop and mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon hiking around the area.

We stopped for a picture at this gorgeous and huge Live Oak.
Spring break spent with my mom was so refreshing and just what I needed. You never get too old that you stop needing your momma!

It’s been back to the grind at work, but I’m so thankful for the time off.

Have a great Easter week! 
He is risen indeed❤️


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