Easter 2016:

This past week has been a great one! Good Friday morning my friend Hannah and I panned to get breakfast and coffee at Local coffee down by the river walk and get some work done on our laptops. I worked on lesson plans while sipping THE BEST latte and oatmeal with dried fruit.  

   Every year I make Nathan an Easter basket filled with some of his favorite things. This year was no different and he got lots of Reese’s, beef jerky, Werthers, and a chocolate bunny.

Hannah and I tried out a cute restaurant on the river called La Gloria. It specializes in Mexican street food. We split two orders of fish tacos and their homemade chips and salsa. I keep telling Nathan we need to go there because I know he would love it, the food is rediculous! 
Saturday morning our church had their annual Easter Eggstravaganza. We set up a youth booth where we sold drinks and deep fried Oreos. We made lots of money which will go to helping students pay for summer camp that are in financial need.

Easter Sunday was an early one for us. We had three services to attend and serve at. After services Nathan and I had plans to go to the Gristmill for Easter lunch like we have every year since living in Texas. The weather was gorgeous and we ordered our favorite dishes from there. We kept smiling at eachother and just enjoyed eachother’s company the whole day. We topped Easter off with 18 holes of disc golf with some friends.
img_0082img_0085img_0084img_0086img_0078 img_0098img_0097  

Brandy even came disc golfing with us!

I also had Monday off with Nathan and we got together with friends to play 2 different disc golf courses 18 holes each. Talk about a lot of steps! We had a great time fishing discs out of ponds, hopping fences to retrieve stray discs, and laughing with wonderful friends.

  I love this image because it is such a wonderful reminder that it IS finished and our debt has been paid by Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross! If you have any questions about this please message me and I would love to talk with you about this wonderful sacrifice Christ made for you and I!

Have a wonderful week!

Lauren ❤


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