The Zoo and a Trip to Waco:

 Let me catch you up to speed on life here. We have been taking advantage of the 80* days we’ve been having and spending tons of time outdoors. We’ve been playing our new favorite sport of disc golf a few times each weekend with a group of friends. We’ve been trying out new courses and taking Brandy with us for some extra exercise for her. Disc golf is a great workout because you walk so much. We usually always play 18 holes so we average about 300-500 calories each time we play.  

 Some of us get pretty excited when we win…;)

The school year is winding down and I am trying to incorporate more fun activities into my lessons lately. When learning the different phases of the moon, I had my students use Oreos  to represent each phase. My students were giddy with excitement and got to snack on some Oreos when they finished their models.   
We planned an elementary wide field trip to the San Antonio Zoo. Us teachers had to get a group picture to commemorate our last year of teaching all together with so many of us moving on and going our separate ways. I will never forget this wonderful group of women that helped mold me into the teacher I am today.  While at the Zoo you know we had to stop and feed the giraffes! 
The very next day I was in charge of another field trip for a program called Young Authors and Illustrators. I took about 15 students from our school who placed in the competition with their wonderful books that they authored and illustrated on their very own! It was a proud teacher moment for sure. The next evening we had a concert/cancer benefit for my friend Liz Byrd who had been battling cancer most of her life. She just beat cancer for a THIRD time and is such an incredible example of hope and trust in her Lord and Savior.  
After the benefit we were all starving and hungry for some Texas BBQ,which led us to Rudy’s where we dined on some tasty BBQ meats and sides.   Saturday mornings have become our Pancakes and Devotion times. We’ve been having some students over for breakfast and time in the Word. I’m loving this new tradition.
 In other news we discovered an awesome new card game called Saboteur that we have now introduced to our friends .
 My friend Hannah came over last weekend for a girls night and some painting. We decided to do our own painting with a twist! We found images that we wanted to paint, bought canvases and supplies and got to work. I made white chicken chillie enchiladas and we had plenty of snacks, it was a blast!

   Our paintings turned out well. I totally wish I’d have used a different font for mine but it’s okay we had a blast.

The next day Chris, Liz, Nathan, and I loaded up two vehicles full of suitcases, snacks, and the HS tennis team for a two day state tournament in Waco, TX. I took Monday and Tuesday off of work so that I could attend/ be a driver and chaperone for the HS girls. 

Nathan in his coaching gear, how handsome!
 All of our players were up bright and early for their first matches!   It got extremely hot that day and Liz and I were far too hot but kept cheering on our team and supplying lots of snacks and sunblock. 😉

    The matches were finally over that evening so we packed up and headed for a late night dinner at George’s, a Waco favorite. I was so proud of these kids and the heart they played with.
  Today is a rainy one here in San Antonio but I have lots to do around the house and want to squeeze in a workout at some point. Have a great week!

Lauren ❤


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