Amanda Visits & 6 mile Runs:

Happy Sunday!

I am eating a quick oatmeal breakfast before tackling my cleaning list this morning. We have the final walk through of our house today! We close on Tuesday and everything is happening so fast it’s nuts! The house needs to be spotless so I will be cleaning for a while 😉 This afternoon we have the wedding of our dear friends Ryan and Rachel to attend. Nathan is a groomsman and I can’t wait to see him in his tux.;)

Rewind to Nathan’s birthday party last weekend! I got a group of his closest friends together and we all made the long drive to the Flying Armadillo for a fun day of disc golf! We had to get a group picture in front of the “Alamo”. The bottom picture pretty much sums up everyone’s personalities so well! 

I’m still slowly rebuilding muscle and adding on miles to my running routine. Yesterday morning I did a little over 6 miles to start off the day. It feels so great to run again!

We took some youth out to dinner and disc golf on Tuesday evening and they now are disc golf crazed.  

We love introducing people to the wonderful sport of disc golf!

This week in First grade we have been learning about outer space! Our DEAR buddies stopped by and brought my kids spaceship Rice Krispie treats that they made for them! I love this school!

On Friday evening we had the rehearsal dinner for Ryan and Rachel. It was outside at Ryan’s parents ranch house and was beautifully set up and catered. Unfortunately a bad storm came through right as we were getting ready to fire up the fire pit for s’mores so the party had to relocate inside. On the way from the chapel to the dinner Liz and I both needed a coffee fix to get us going, so we swung by my FAVORITE coffee shop, Local Coffee for some lattes. 

Saturday morning after my 6 miler I got all ready and headed to the airport to pick up my darling sister in law Amanda who is here visiting for a while! She just finished her freshman year of college and is officially on summer vacation! It was so great to see her smiling face. We immediately headed to the best ever Greek restaurant, Papoulis! 

I got the Mediterranean salad while she ordered the lamb burger. The food there never disappoints.We had a great lunch date and caught up on life.I had some errands to run so she graciously joined me and we wound up at the adorable and quaint little Bracken Village. There are a bunch of antique shops, clothing, jewelry, and furniture shops there. After shopping a bit and making my purchases we stopped by the Avocado Cafe. It is a vegan/gluten free cafe known for it’s fresh juices.

We both ordered smoothies and they were flavorful and fueled us for even more shopping!

The weather was a cool and breezy 80 degrees so walking around the little shops was quite enjoyable. 

Once we arrived home we were starving so I whipped us up some delicious GF spaghetti with meat sauce and sautéed mushrooms. We had some icecream for dessert and topped the night off playing games with the guys. Such a great day!

This is one of my favorite running quotes and rings so true for me. I feel the most free while running! I’m so thankful that the Lord gave me the ability and desire to run! Thanks God!

Well, I’ve got some tidying up to do around here then we are off to the wedding! It’s going to be a great week!

Lauren ❤


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