Weddings, Pasta, and Basketball:

The month of May is flying by so quickly, it is hard for me to believe we will be relocating up North at the end of this month. We officially closed on our house last week. We are able to rent this house back for the whole month of May. It’s amazing how God has orchestrated this whole move so seamlessly! 

Last week Amamda and I got all dolled up to head to Ryan and Rachel’s wedding on Sunday afternoon. 

Nathan was a groomsman in the wedding and walked down with our good friend Meghan. The bride and groom looked stunning and the wedding was vintage meets country chic.

I couldn’t resist getting a photo with my groom! It’s insane to think that next month will be 4 years of wedded bliss for us.  The next day wedding festivities continued but for a different bride, my great friend Liz. She got all of her bridesmaids together and had us try on these stunning gold floor length dresses for her December wedding. She asked each of her bridesmaids with monogrammed tumblers, jewelry, nail polish, bath salts, purses, and adorable little totes. I’m thrilled to be part of her big day!

Last week was teacher appreciation week at school and my adorable classroom commander mom organized for students to bring me in different items each day of the week. My gifts ranged from school supplies to beautiful flowers, and gift cards on Friday.

We had two different dinner parties at our house last week. Tuesday we did Mexican “Tamale Turnup” with 10 of our close friends. Thursday, Liz was getting ready to go in for surgery and requested a dinner of chicken Alfredo, garlic bread, and cheesecake as her “last meal”. The food was delicious and we had an awesome evening.

Friday was our annual staff vs. student basketball game where the teachers throw down with the HS students. Us teachers got dressed up in our tube socks and sweat bands. We lost by 2 points but played with a lot of heart! I’m going to miss this wonderful group of teachers when we move. :/

Saturday morning I slept in until 9 am and it was perfect! I woke up and had breakfast with Nathan then hopped in the car to meet Hannah for some massages we scheduled for that morning. After our massages we were starving and so relaxed. We headed to our favorite restaurant, Papouli’s for some yummy salads! She’s my favorite!

Sunday for Mother’s Day Nathan, Amanda, and I left church and headed over to Cheesecake Factory for a late lunch. It was a long wait but we had fun shopping around while we waited for our buzzer to go off.  Loving having my sister-in-law here! We got to skype our mothers later that evening and it made me excited for all the Mother’s Days to come where we will all live close together again!

We ordered fried macaroni and cheese balls and chicken artichoke soup for appetizers. I chose the miso salmon for my entree while Nathan and Amanda stayed true to the Rasbaugh way and ordered burgers. 😉We are leaving to pick my sister Annie up at the airport in a little bit! Annie will be here for 10 days and my friend Allison flies in Friday to spend the weekend here too!  This week will be jam packed with shopping, dining out at our favorite restaurants, catching up, and doing fun girly things! 😉 May is the month of visitors and I am soaking it in!

 Have a wonderful week!

Lauren ❤


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