A House Full of Visititors & Saying Goodbye

In the weeks leading up to our move from Texas we had many visitors stop by for a last hurrah! Nathan’s sister Amanda came, my sister Annie, my childhood friend Allison, and both sets of our parents came the week before our move to help us pack.

We shopped, got pedicures, ate at all our favorite spots, soaked up long nights with good friends, said goodbye to all my little First graders, and I got some good final running in in the Texas heat. May was a month to remember.

Our final Sunday at River City the pastor called us up on stage to pray for us and our next chapter of life. Afterwards they had a big cake reception for Nathan and I in the pavilion so that church members could come and say bye to us.

The next morning was moving day and by the time I woke up there were teenagers everywhere in the house carrying boxes and helping with the move. 

I had to have my coffee first before I could be productive 😉

We loaded everything up and me and some wonderful youth girls cleaned the house. There were lots of tears as we pulled away from our wonderful first home where so many memories have been made, but we are trusting and believing that the best is yet to come. God has a plan.


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