On the Road and Running the Sunburst 10k

Once we were on the road for a while and the tears stopped, Nathan and I turned our attention to the future and discussing all the possibilities that lay before us. It’s both exciting and a bit frightening leaving out Texas comfort zones and leaping into the unknown without for sure jobs or a place to live. However, something I’ve learned time and time again is that when you hear God’s voice telling you clearly that it’s time for transition you have to obey, so we will, with trusting hearts.

Nathan, Brandy, and I piled into the moving truck for a leg of the journey so that we could decompress together as a family. Both sets of parents and my sweet sister Kelly rode in the RV behind our moving truck. Throughout the 26 hour drive we all rotated between vehicles. We made the executive decision to stop at a hotel halfway to get some shut eye before continuing on the road.

Once in Michigan my friend Faith and I made plans to get together and also run the annual Suburst 10k race. We had never run a race together so I was extra excited to run with my bestie. Faith has gotten super into fitness and running and I am so impressed with her dedication!

Once we picked up our race day packets we stopped by our alma mater Bethel College for an obligatory picture at the helm. College was really some of the best days of our lives, it was so fun to reminisce about all our late nights, meeting our husbands, snowball fights, Christmas parties, and midnight breakfasts.

Afterwards we made plans to meet the guys at Carabbas for dinner! We made sure to carbo-load in preperation for race Day!

The race was a great course throughout down town South Bend. There were thousands of runners but Faith and I stuck together for all 6 miles. At the last part of the race Faith and I picked up our paces and made a sprint to the finish line where Nathan and Bud were cheering us on.

It was a great morning spent with friends. I’m so thankful to live close to great friends again and be able to do activities like this with them! 

Reunited and it feels so good!

After we left Faith and Bud’s it was back to Michingan for some more quality time with his family. We had some interviews and we are still praying about potential jobs. 

Have a great day!



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