4 Year Anniversary on the Boat

And just like that our 4 year wedding anniversary came and went. It’s so amazing to think how different life is now than when we were sayin “I Do”. We are now living back up North surrounded by wonderful family and friends and I am so at peace. 

We spent this week in Ohio with my side of the family and my aunt Lisa who was in visiting from Florida. To start off our anniversary day we all headed out for 9 holes of golf.  We hopped in some golf carts and were off to play a scramble. It was Nathan and I against mom, Annie, and dad. Kelly and Aunt Lisa didn’t play but were along for the adventure.

Our 9 holes of golf took way longer than expected so everyone’s appetites were raging by the time we made it back to the car.  Nathan and I had plans to spend the night out on my parent’s boat and get dinner at Damon’s Grill so we did just that. It was a rainy cold evening when we finally made it out to dinner. We sat in a booth overlooking the marina as we ate our meals and talked about the years past and years to come. I ordered prime rib while Nathan opted for the ribs, both were delicious.

Afterwards we headed over to the boat and hunkered down there for the rest of the rainy and chilly evening. My darling sisters Kelly and Annie snuck out to the boat earlier that morning and decorated it with tons of gold balloons, flowers, and candles it was so Sweet! We had a wonderful evening spent out on the water listening to the waves and rain, it was a wonderful way to ring in this next year of marriage!

The next week was filled with a few boat outings and fishing trips. Nathan caught the only Walleye out of everyone, he was really excited.
Once back in Michigan, Nathan and I drove to see Faith and Bud for dinner and a get together. 

We were all in the mood for some icecream that evening so we ended up at Chief, which has rave reviews. I ordered a chocolate milkshake and Nathan got a cookies and cream shake. Both were good but we had higher expectations since this place had been talked up so much.

Once back at Faith and Bud’s we played games and laughed so much. We really missed our friends! We ended up spending the night there because we stayed so late that the hour and 20 min. drive back to Michigan seemed too daunting.

Today my sister Annie is driving to Mighigan to visit for a few days and I have two interviews this week! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Lauren ❤


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