Summer 2016 recap in pictures:

I’m going to start off this recap with our most exciting news first….we’re expecting our first baby!!

We told both sets of parents our news when they flew into TX to help us move. We ordered these mugs on Etsy and gave them to our parents with coffee in them to see how long it would take them to notice, oh it was so fun!

There have been many great highlights this summer as our first summer back North! There has been berry picking, trail running, visits from our favorite Texans, sunset boat rides, icecream treats, and family vacations.

We went to Mackinack island with Nathan’s family and it was wonderful! We biked 8 miles around the island, shopped all the little shops, toured the Grand Hotel, had bonfires on the beach each night, rented kayaks, and enjoyed togetherness.

Once we got to Ohio it was off to the island of Put-in-Bay with my family on the boat. We spent days lounging by the pool, touring the island on bike and golf cart, and eating the most delicious seafood/ island cuisine. We had such a great/relaxing time with my family ( I even read the new Harry Potter book).

Since vacationing we’ve been enjoying boat days, time with friends, weddings, easing back into running ( I didn’t run for weeks due to horrible all day sickness) massages, and ultrasounds.

This summer has been wonderful and so nice to be back surrounded by family and friends, I can’t even explain it. Nathan and I have spent the past four years going non stop with very little time off, we didn’t realize how much we needed some down time to reconnect with eachother and celebrate our little miracle. 

Nathan just accepted a position as associate/youth pastor at a church in Indiana. We are currently house hunting and looking forward to the future! God is good!

Have a blessed day!

Lauren ❤


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