Autumn, My Favorite Season:

After spending 4 years with a blisteringly hot fall season, it feels heavenly to have the drop in temperatures, colorful leaves, and delicious fall treats! 

We spent our Friday night in South Bend catching up with Faith and Bud at Oktoberfest. I wasn’t quite prepared for the drastic drop in temperature clothes wise so we spent most of our evening huddled over warm drinks, games, and desserts at the Southbend Chocolate Cafe.

   This morning Nathan and I went out for a brisk run in the 50 degree temps. It felt great to run and I’m so thankful to feel well enough to run through this pregnancy. After running and a refreshing strawberry banana smoothie we got ready for a wedding!

Nathan’s mom made the cake!

The wedding was in a barn and had a touch of country chic meets glam. We had a great time!

Rewind to last weekend and we attended my cousin’s wedding in Ohio that was also set in a big red barn. This venu was breathtaking all nestled back in rolling hills.

My whole family was at this wedding (minus Linds and Ben). I got to see cousins and people we haven’t gotten to see in years.

Kelly and I took too many pre dinner selfies 😉

I got the idea while we were there to grab all the cousins and get an updated cousin picture including spouses, and I’m so glad we did! 

It’s been a busy couple weeks and we are still waiting to move into our new home. Right now we’re still driving 50 minutes to work each day and living out of our suitcases as all our stuff is packed away. I’m working on finding peace and joy in my circumstance because I know God has us in this transitional season for a reason and I don’t want to miss what He has to teach me here, so I’ll wait with expectation. ❤️

Have a great weekend!

Lauren ❤


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