Our New Home and a Haunted 5k

We have finally moved in to our new home in Indiana! It’s been a long time since I have been able to have my own space, routine, and all my stuff unpacked! 🙂  We still have boxes to unpack but we have painted the three upstairs bedrooms including my sweet baby boy’s bedroom. 

We now have a huge 1.5 acre backyard for Brandy to frolick in and a swimming pool for those hot summer days. This house is just perfect for raising a family and it has such a cozy feel about it, much different from our spacious, open first home in Texas. 

My wonder family drove up the day we closed on our house to help us deep clean and paint before moving everything in. My inlaws then joined us to help move the big stuff. Both moms brought dinner and snacks and thought of everything we would need. I am SO glad to be back around family!

We took some of our youth kiddos to a local corn maze Friday evening. We are really loving our new church and awesome youth group students.

On Saturday morning we met up with Faith and Bud for a Halloween 5k. The guys sipped their coffee and cheered us girls on from the sidelines. After throwing around a few different outfit ideas Faith and I decided to dress as Winnie the Pooh and Piglet for our run!

Our paperatzi got some good running shots while we were running towards the finish line. Faith was so sweet and ran with me the whole time even though she could have lapped me! I am much slower now-a-days so we just kept it slow and steady for all 3 miles. We talked and laughed the whole run, I absolutely had a great time!

Here we are sporting our medals! I decided that this was my last run during this pregnancy. I felt good afterwards and during the race but I can tell that my body is ready to transition to walking for the next few weeks before baby comes.
All of our tummies were ready for something to eat so we headed to the Essenhaus for an Amish style brunch. The boys got the buffet and us girls split a delicious veggie omelette. 

On Halloween Nathan and I were excited to pass out candy and continue our Halloween tradition. Each year on the 31st we get doughnuts and cider to eat while we watch a scary movie together. This year I picked us up some delicious Mexican food, Rise N Roll donuts, and cider. We ate and watched Stranger Things as our “scary movie” this year. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it! 

I just love life with him!

We are still unpacking and organizing the new house but everything is starting to feel more homey. My sister Annie and her college friends are coming to visit this weekend and we are going to hit up some outlets for early Christmas shopping! Nothing like having house guests to get you motivated to finish unpacking ;).

Have a great week!

Lauren ❤


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