Baby Shower #1 

2 weekends ago Annie and I set out for a day of outlet shopping at the Michigan City Outlets. We stopped for our respective Starbucks holiday drinks to fuel us and we were off! I love getting an early start on Christmas shopping. This year there is so much going on around this time with the holidays, baby showers, driving to Texas, a wedding, getting settled into a new home, and a BABY! Some days I feel like my head is going to explode with my never ending to-do lists that seem to keep growing rather than shrinking. With all that said, I am trying to stay as organized and on the ball as possible these days. 🙂

I got to get together with Faith for an early birthday celebration! She chose sushi and a movie to kick off her birthday week! 
we have loved Soho since our college days so that is where we headed for dinner before the show.

I got the volcano roll, don’t worry it was all cooked 😉

Faith got the spicy dynamite roll.

You better believe this pregnant lady was getting some buttery popcorn for the movie. Faith agreed to share with me, even though I could have managed just fine on my own. 😉

The theater was awesome and had comfy reclining chairs to watch the show in. Isn’t she cute!:)

That evening when I got home, my whole family was at the house! They were all drifting off to sleep one by one but they had made the trip here to go to my Michigan baby shower that My mother-in-law was throwing me.

The theme was woodland animals and she nailed it. Here are some cupcakes she made!

The food and set up was perfect. It all looked like something straight off Pinterest. 

Me and my family (minus Linds).

I forgot to mention that it was a couples shower so some brave guys even showed up, including the daddy to be. 🙂

It was so nice having my other half there to celebrate our little boy. 

I got to see this gem twice in a row, it was great!

The lovely Kelly and I! She wore her blue sweater for baby boy 🙂

I’ve been seeing a lot more of this little college student lately, and I’m loving it!

We got so many sweet and thoughtful gifts, it was a wonderful shower!

If you’re wondering what is up with the lack of meal plan posts/ recipíes lately, well here’s a peak into what I’m eating lately. Usually for dinner it’s some kind of fruit, cereal, or smoothie. I eat what baby wants and haven’t been cooking much at all ( sorry Nathan). However, I do have a delicious pot roast cooking away right now. 

Well, Nathan just got home so I’m off to spend time with him!

Have a great week and happy Thanksgiving!
Lauren ❤


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