My Ohio Baby Shower & A Texas Wedding:

I’m sitting here this Sunday afternoon with a clean house, waiting on my family to arrive from Ohio! They are bringing us our baby crib and Brandy who stayed with them while we traveled to Texas. We will also be celebrating my dad’s 61st birthday tonight with a steak dinner. Happy Bithday Dad!!!

This Wednesday evening we arrived back from our whirlwind trip to San Antonio for the wedding of our dear friends Liz and Chris. I know it was risky and maybe even a little crazy making that long 24 hour drive at 36 weeks pregnant, but we knew we didn’t want to miss this special day for two of our best friends.

I’m posting in reverse order here, so this is all of us bridesmaids with the stunning bride just minutes before she walked down the isle.

We had to snap a photo with the happy couple. Never mind how giant I look in my gold sequined dress!

The bachelorette party took place the night before the wedding at the luxurious JW Marriott resort and Spa. We had a giant suite that connected to a row of rooms where we would all be staying that night. The bachelorette party was a riot with mug shots, karaoke, delicious drinks and sweets, and lots of laughter. That afternoon we all got pampered at the spa with mains, pedis, hot tubs, saunas, and massages.

The rehearsal dinner was fiesta themed and the bridal party had to dress the part. We had a delicious Mexican feast after the rehearsal, complete with a piñata!

The day before, Nathan and I had time to pop around town visiting some old familiar faces and catching up with old friends. I got to see my darling Hannah and we of course headed to our favorite spot Papoulis for a late lunch. It was so great to see her and everyone, it kind of felt like we never moved at all…

That evening, Chris and Liz invited us and another couple to have dinner with them at Maggianos Italian restaurant. The pasta was fantastic and we had a ball laughing and catching up with eachother.

The day before, Nathan and I drove most of the day stopping for meals and lots of potty breaks for the pregnant lady. We remembered how much we love Einstein Bros. bagels on this trip, and every time we passed one I had to stop. (Pregnancy craving?) 

We stopped for the evening at a hotel and crashed right away. It felt great to get some sleep!

Now I’m rewinding way back to my Ohio baby shower because it deserves a recap! Here is a picture of my sisters and my cousins who made the drive to the shower. 

My mom and sisters did an incredible job creating a cozy, woodland themed shower. Everything from the venu to the little party favors were thoughtful and creative. I got to see a bunch of my highschool buddies along with long time family friends who graciously attended as well. 

The honey baked ham, rolls, spreads, cream cheese cupcakes, fruit, veggies, and cheeses were top notch. 

It was so great to have Lindsay in from Montana for the shower as well, since she has had to miss most of the baby festivities. Have I mentioned I love my sisters and I’m SO glad to live close to family again?!

Overall, it’s been a crazy few weeks. My due date is fast approaching and with the holidays upon us as well it just seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. 

However, today I will be content slowing down and soaking up family time while they are visiting and reflecting on the real reason for the season.

Lauren ❤


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