Christmas 2016:

This Christmas was spent at our house in Indiana. It was the first Christmas we haven’t spent traveling since we’ve been married! I wanted to stay local just in case baby boy decided to make an early appearance. 

My family drove up from Ohio on Christmas Eve. Nathan preached for the Christmas Eve service at our church that afternoon and it was wonderful. We had special music, baptism, communion, and ended with a candlelight singing of Silent Night. 

Christmas morning we were all up and at ’em around 8:30. I brewed some coffee and got started baking an egg casserole for breakfast. Once we had all eaten, we migrated to the living room to open gifts. Nathan got lots of hunting gear for his upcoming elk hunting trip so he was extra excited. It was so great sitting around and watching everyone receive their gifts, even the ones from Linds and Ben in Montana and Aunt carol and John in Arizona. My heart was very full ❤

Even brandy got in in the action. She got an extra big Christmas bone that she devoured in no time!

For my Christmas gift, Nathan got my the very thing that i’ve been asking for since I got pregnant….a treadmill! He did his research and got a great one. He also surprised me with the new Fit Bit Charge2! I can’t wait to use my new treadmill and watch more once the baby comes and I can get back to my fitness routine, I miss running! 

Dad brought all the fixings for a prime rib dinner on Christmas Eve. Growing up we often had a prime rib dinner for Christmas and I remember the delicious aroma that would fill the house, it is a favorite dinner of ours. My favorite part of the meal is the Yorkshire Pudding that we make as a side using the fat drippings from the prime rib.After opening gifts at our house on Christmas morning Nathan and I headed out to both his grandma’s Christmas celebrations and then finally both families rendezvoused in Michigan at my In-law’s house for yet another Christmas get together. I didn’t take many pictures of our big family Christmas but it was spent playing lots of games, eating delicious home cooking, opening more gifts, and we all even ended up spending the night. It was a lovely relaxing Christmas. ❤

Lauren ❤


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