Pistons Game & Going Back to Work:

This weekend was jam packed with travel and fun. I got Nathan tickets to go see the Pistons vs. Cavs game in Detroit on Thursday evening. The tickets were a gift from Graham that I gave to Nathan in the hospital after the baby was born. I wanted to thank Nathan for being the most amazing husband and labor coach through all my pregnancy sickness and the ups and downs that he walked through with me. It was the least I could do.

We went to a delicious Italian restaurant for dinner before the game on Thursday night. We started with calamari Divinci, it was delicious. 

Being the seafood loving girl that I am, I couldn’t resist the pasta de mer filled with succulent shrimp and muscles. Nathan opted for chicken Alfredo, which was extra creamy and delicious as well.Our seats were on the floor so we had a great view of the game. Nathan was cheering on the Pistons and I was rooting for the Cavs.The Palace was a packed arena, and the Pistons made Michigan proud by beating the National champions 106 to 101.That night we arrived to my in-law’s house around 1 am where our little man was and we planned to spend the night there then head out to Ohio in the morning for a visit with my family.We hit the road Friday morning around 9:30 and arrived in Vermilion around 12:30. My mom had a delicious spread of food ready for us and we all sat around catching up and playing with baby. That evening we ordered pizza, ate mom’s homemade chocolate pudding, played ticket to ride,and watched the movie Signs before calling it a night.

Saturday we hung out until dinner time then headed back for Indiana. We had a wonderful time with our family  in Ohio, even though I’m pretty sure they just wanted to see Graham 😉Sunday after church, we carried on our lunch with Faith and Bud tradition and headed for a quick bite at Subway. We could sit around talking for hours with them, I love that they go to our church now!

Faith and I laced up our running shoes and bundled up for a chilly run. We did a quick 3 miles around the block and caught up on life, it was just what I needed to kick off the week right.

Once our company left, I left the boys at home and went to grab some much needed groceries for the week. After a dinner of rotisserie chicken and sautéed zucchini squash, I curled up on the couch with my sweet boy. He has some sniffles which has me worried so I will be making him a doctor appointment this week. 

Well, I go back to work tomorrow. These 8 weeks have just flown by and have been the most rewarding and exhausting of my whole life. I am so filled with joy and thankfulness for our little boy. It will be a tough transition but I am excited to get into a solid routine. That’s all for today!

Lauren ❤


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