Our New Home and a Haunted 5k

We have finally moved in to our new home in Indiana! It’s been a long time since I have been able to have my own space, routine, and all my stuff unpacked! 🙂  We still have boxes to unpack but we have painted the three upstairs bedrooms including my sweet baby boy’s bedroom. 

We now have a huge 1.5 acre backyard for Brandy to frolick in and a swimming pool for those hot summer days. This house is just perfect for raising a family and it has such a cozy feel about it, much different from our spacious, open first home in Texas. 

My wonder family drove up the day we closed on our house to help us deep clean and paint before moving everything in. My inlaws then joined us to help move the big stuff. Both moms brought dinner and snacks and thought of everything we would need. I am SO glad to be back around family!

We took some of our youth kiddos to a local corn maze Friday evening. We are really loving our new church and awesome youth group students.

On Saturday morning we met up with Faith and Bud for a Halloween 5k. The guys sipped their coffee and cheered us girls on from the sidelines. After throwing around a few different outfit ideas Faith and I decided to dress as Winnie the Pooh and Piglet for our run!

Our paperatzi got some good running shots while we were running towards the finish line. Faith was so sweet and ran with me the whole time even though she could have lapped me! I am much slower now-a-days so we just kept it slow and steady for all 3 miles. We talked and laughed the whole run, I absolutely had a great time!

Here we are sporting our medals! I decided that this was my last run during this pregnancy. I felt good afterwards and during the race but I can tell that my body is ready to transition to walking for the next few weeks before baby comes.
All of our tummies were ready for something to eat so we headed to the Essenhaus for an Amish style brunch. The boys got the buffet and us girls split a delicious veggie omelette. 

On Halloween Nathan and I were excited to pass out candy and continue our Halloween tradition. Each year on the 31st we get doughnuts and cider to eat while we watch a scary movie together. This year I picked us up some delicious Mexican food, Rise N Roll donuts, and cider. We ate and watched Stranger Things as our “scary movie” this year. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it! 

I just love life with him!

We are still unpacking and organizing the new house but everything is starting to feel more homey. My sister Annie and her college friends are coming to visit this weekend and we are going to hit up some outlets for early Christmas shopping! Nothing like having house guests to get you motivated to finish unpacking ;).

Have a great week!

Lauren ❤


Autumn, My Favorite Season:

After spending 4 years with a blisteringly hot fall season, it feels heavenly to have the drop in temperatures, colorful leaves, and delicious fall treats! 

We spent our Friday night in South Bend catching up with Faith and Bud at Oktoberfest. I wasn’t quite prepared for the drastic drop in temperature clothes wise so we spent most of our evening huddled over warm drinks, games, and desserts at the Southbend Chocolate Cafe.

   This morning Nathan and I went out for a brisk run in the 50 degree temps. It felt great to run and I’m so thankful to feel well enough to run through this pregnancy. After running and a refreshing strawberry banana smoothie we got ready for a wedding!

Nathan’s mom made the cake!

The wedding was in a barn and had a touch of country chic meets glam. We had a great time!

Rewind to last weekend and we attended my cousin’s wedding in Ohio that was also set in a big red barn. This venu was breathtaking all nestled back in rolling hills.

My whole family was at this wedding (minus Linds and Ben). I got to see cousins and people we haven’t gotten to see in years.

Kelly and I took too many pre dinner selfies 😉

I got the idea while we were there to grab all the cousins and get an updated cousin picture including spouses, and I’m so glad we did! 

It’s been a busy couple weeks and we are still waiting to move into our new home. Right now we’re still driving 50 minutes to work each day and living out of our suitcases as all our stuff is packed away. I’m working on finding peace and joy in my circumstance because I know God has us in this transitional season for a reason and I don’t want to miss what He has to teach me here, so I’ll wait with expectation. ❤️

Have a great weekend!

Lauren ❤

Our Gender Reveal & 26th Birthday in Chicago

We are well into September and I’ve got some major life updates to share! 

In the past few weeks I have gotten a teaching job at a wonderful elementary school in the area! Last week was my first full week and I am in love with the staff and darling 5-6th grade students ( mostly Amish). Nathan and I took a date day to celebrate our new jobs and do some shopping too! We ended up at our old stomping grounds, the Mishawaka river walk, mall, and Flat Top grill for some delicious stir fry.

So many miles run down at this river walk, I can’t wait for more runs here!

That weekend we headed to my parents house in Ohio for family birthday parties and our gender reveal party! Nathan’s mom made these adorable cupcakes from a pin I sent her on Pinterest. How cute?!

We did our best to wear pink and blue as we had guests show up wearing the color of the gender they thought it would be. Nathan and I still didn’t know the gender at this point and were anxiously awaiting the big moment.

We decided to order exploding golf balls online that Nathan would hit for the reveal. One person knew the gender and teed up the correct colored golf ball….then everyone gathered around while Nathan swung!

It’s a …..BOY! I was so shocked I thought for sure we were having a girl. We are beyond thrilled about our little love that will make his big appearance in January!

The next week was my birthday! Hello, 26! I asked for these Hunter rain boots that I’ve been eyeing, and I got them! 

Since my actual birthday was such a busy day and we had a youth event that night until very late, we decided to celebrate on Saturday with a trip to the Windy City! Faith and Bud were able to join us for my birthday in Chicago, it was a blast!

First stop….Garret’s popcorn!

Armed with our buttery delicious popcorn, we were ready to see the sights and shop! Unfortunately it down poured which sent us hurrying to Giordanos for an early lunch.

Faith and I started with salad while we all waited for our pepperoni deep dish to come out. This pizza is the best pizza in the world. I’ve now got Nathan hooked on this pizza too, too bad it’s only in Chicago.

By the time we finished lunch, the rain had stopped and it was a beautiful day to shop! We shopped, snacked, and took in the sights of this gorgeous city. We stopped at the beach to get some photos with the skyline in the background.

We are so thankful to be closer to friends and family now!

Faith snapped this picture of my tasty decaf latte, it was just what I needed after tons of walking.

Before we called it a day, we all decided on dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Dinner was great but the company was better. I’m so thankful for all the love in my life and I’m excited for this next year!

We made an offer on a house and it was accepted so we are going through the process of buying the house and hopefully moving as soon as possible. I’m just amazed by God and his perfect timing through this whole transition. We now have great jobs that we just love, a house in the works, a healthy baby on the way, and we even bought a new Dodge Journey for my mommy days. 

I logged some miles this morning and felt great running, now I’m off to read a good book on this dreary afternoon!

Have a great week!

❤ lauren

Summer 2016 recap in pictures:

I’m going to start off this recap with our most exciting news first….we’re expecting our first baby!!

We told both sets of parents our news when they flew into TX to help us move. We ordered these mugs on Etsy and gave them to our parents with coffee in them to see how long it would take them to notice, oh it was so fun!

There have been many great highlights this summer as our first summer back North! There has been berry picking, trail running, visits from our favorite Texans, sunset boat rides, icecream treats, and family vacations.

We went to Mackinack island with Nathan’s family and it was wonderful! We biked 8 miles around the island, shopped all the little shops, toured the Grand Hotel, had bonfires on the beach each night, rented kayaks, and enjoyed togetherness.

Once we got to Ohio it was off to the island of Put-in-Bay with my family on the boat. We spent days lounging by the pool, touring the island on bike and golf cart, and eating the most delicious seafood/ island cuisine. We had such a great/relaxing time with my family ( I even read the new Harry Potter book).

Since vacationing we’ve been enjoying boat days, time with friends, weddings, easing back into running ( I didn’t run for weeks due to horrible all day sickness) massages, and ultrasounds.

This summer has been wonderful and so nice to be back surrounded by family and friends, I can’t even explain it. Nathan and I have spent the past four years going non stop with very little time off, we didn’t realize how much we needed some down time to reconnect with eachother and celebrate our little miracle. 

Nathan just accepted a position as associate/youth pastor at a church in Indiana. We are currently house hunting and looking forward to the future! God is good!

Have a blessed day!

Lauren ❤

4 Year Anniversary on the Boat

And just like that our 4 year wedding anniversary came and went. It’s so amazing to think how different life is now than when we were sayin “I Do”. We are now living back up North surrounded by wonderful family and friends and I am so at peace. 

We spent this week in Ohio with my side of the family and my aunt Lisa who was in visiting from Florida. To start off our anniversary day we all headed out for 9 holes of golf.  We hopped in some golf carts and were off to play a scramble. It was Nathan and I against mom, Annie, and dad. Kelly and Aunt Lisa didn’t play but were along for the adventure.

Our 9 holes of golf took way longer than expected so everyone’s appetites were raging by the time we made it back to the car.  Nathan and I had plans to spend the night out on my parent’s boat and get dinner at Damon’s Grill so we did just that. It was a rainy cold evening when we finally made it out to dinner. We sat in a booth overlooking the marina as we ate our meals and talked about the years past and years to come. I ordered prime rib while Nathan opted for the ribs, both were delicious.

Afterwards we headed over to the boat and hunkered down there for the rest of the rainy and chilly evening. My darling sisters Kelly and Annie snuck out to the boat earlier that morning and decorated it with tons of gold balloons, flowers, and candles it was so Sweet! We had a wonderful evening spent out on the water listening to the waves and rain, it was a wonderful way to ring in this next year of marriage!

The next week was filled with a few boat outings and fishing trips. Nathan caught the only Walleye out of everyone, he was really excited.
Once back in Michigan, Nathan and I drove to see Faith and Bud for dinner and a get together. 

We were all in the mood for some icecream that evening so we ended up at Chief, which has rave reviews. I ordered a chocolate milkshake and Nathan got a cookies and cream shake. Both were good but we had higher expectations since this place had been talked up so much.

Once back at Faith and Bud’s we played games and laughed so much. We really missed our friends! We ended up spending the night there because we stayed so late that the hour and 20 min. drive back to Michigan seemed too daunting.

Today my sister Annie is driving to Mighigan to visit for a few days and I have two interviews this week! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Lauren ❤

On the Road and Running the Sunburst 10k

Once we were on the road for a while and the tears stopped, Nathan and I turned our attention to the future and discussing all the possibilities that lay before us. It’s both exciting and a bit frightening leaving out Texas comfort zones and leaping into the unknown without for sure jobs or a place to live. However, something I’ve learned time and time again is that when you hear God’s voice telling you clearly that it’s time for transition you have to obey, so we will, with trusting hearts.

Nathan, Brandy, and I piled into the moving truck for a leg of the journey so that we could decompress together as a family. Both sets of parents and my sweet sister Kelly rode in the RV behind our moving truck. Throughout the 26 hour drive we all rotated between vehicles. We made the executive decision to stop at a hotel halfway to get some shut eye before continuing on the road.

Once in Michigan my friend Faith and I made plans to get together and also run the annual Suburst 10k race. We had never run a race together so I was extra excited to run with my bestie. Faith has gotten super into fitness and running and I am so impressed with her dedication!

Once we picked up our race day packets we stopped by our alma mater Bethel College for an obligatory picture at the helm. College was really some of the best days of our lives, it was so fun to reminisce about all our late nights, meeting our husbands, snowball fights, Christmas parties, and midnight breakfasts.

Afterwards we made plans to meet the guys at Carabbas for dinner! We made sure to carbo-load in preperation for race Day!

The race was a great course throughout down town South Bend. There were thousands of runners but Faith and I stuck together for all 6 miles. At the last part of the race Faith and I picked up our paces and made a sprint to the finish line where Nathan and Bud were cheering us on.

It was a great morning spent with friends. I’m so thankful to live close to great friends again and be able to do activities like this with them! 

Reunited and it feels so good!

After we left Faith and Bud’s it was back to Michingan for some more quality time with his family. We had some interviews and we are still praying about potential jobs. 

Have a great day!


A House Full of Visititors & Saying Goodbye

In the weeks leading up to our move from Texas we had many visitors stop by for a last hurrah! Nathan’s sister Amanda came, my sister Annie, my childhood friend Allison, and both sets of our parents came the week before our move to help us pack.

We shopped, got pedicures, ate at all our favorite spots, soaked up long nights with good friends, said goodbye to all my little First graders, and I got some good final running in in the Texas heat. May was a month to remember.

Our final Sunday at River City the pastor called us up on stage to pray for us and our next chapter of life. Afterwards they had a big cake reception for Nathan and I in the pavilion so that church members could come and say bye to us.

The next morning was moving day and by the time I woke up there were teenagers everywhere in the house carrying boxes and helping with the move. 

I had to have my coffee first before I could be productive 😉

We loaded everything up and me and some wonderful youth girls cleaned the house. There were lots of tears as we pulled away from our wonderful first home where so many memories have been made, but we are trusting and believing that the best is yet to come. God has a plan.

Weddings, Pasta, and Basketball:

The month of May is flying by so quickly, it is hard for me to believe we will be relocating up North at the end of this month. We officially closed on our house last week. We are able to rent this house back for the whole month of May. It’s amazing how God has orchestrated this whole move so seamlessly! 

Last week Amamda and I got all dolled up to head to Ryan and Rachel’s wedding on Sunday afternoon. 

Nathan was a groomsman in the wedding and walked down with our good friend Meghan. The bride and groom looked stunning and the wedding was vintage meets country chic.

I couldn’t resist getting a photo with my groom! It’s insane to think that next month will be 4 years of wedded bliss for us.  The next day wedding festivities continued but for a different bride, my great friend Liz. She got all of her bridesmaids together and had us try on these stunning gold floor length dresses for her December wedding. She asked each of her bridesmaids with monogrammed tumblers, jewelry, nail polish, bath salts, purses, and adorable little totes. I’m thrilled to be part of her big day!

Last week was teacher appreciation week at school and my adorable classroom commander mom organized for students to bring me in different items each day of the week. My gifts ranged from school supplies to beautiful flowers, and gift cards on Friday.

We had two different dinner parties at our house last week. Tuesday we did Mexican “Tamale Turnup” with 10 of our close friends. Thursday, Liz was getting ready to go in for surgery and requested a dinner of chicken Alfredo, garlic bread, and cheesecake as her “last meal”. The food was delicious and we had an awesome evening.

Friday was our annual staff vs. student basketball game where the teachers throw down with the HS students. Us teachers got dressed up in our tube socks and sweat bands. We lost by 2 points but played with a lot of heart! I’m going to miss this wonderful group of teachers when we move. :/

Saturday morning I slept in until 9 am and it was perfect! I woke up and had breakfast with Nathan then hopped in the car to meet Hannah for some massages we scheduled for that morning. After our massages we were starving and so relaxed. We headed to our favorite restaurant, Papouli’s for some yummy salads! She’s my favorite!

Sunday for Mother’s Day Nathan, Amanda, and I left church and headed over to Cheesecake Factory for a late lunch. It was a long wait but we had fun shopping around while we waited for our buzzer to go off.  Loving having my sister-in-law here! We got to skype our mothers later that evening and it made me excited for all the Mother’s Days to come where we will all live close together again!

We ordered fried macaroni and cheese balls and chicken artichoke soup for appetizers. I chose the miso salmon for my entree while Nathan and Amanda stayed true to the Rasbaugh way and ordered burgers. 😉We are leaving to pick my sister Annie up at the airport in a little bit! Annie will be here for 10 days and my friend Allison flies in Friday to spend the weekend here too!  This week will be jam packed with shopping, dining out at our favorite restaurants, catching up, and doing fun girly things! 😉 May is the month of visitors and I am soaking it in!

 Have a wonderful week!

Lauren ❤

Amanda Visits & 6 mile Runs:

Happy Sunday!

I am eating a quick oatmeal breakfast before tackling my cleaning list this morning. We have the final walk through of our house today! We close on Tuesday and everything is happening so fast it’s nuts! The house needs to be spotless so I will be cleaning for a while 😉 This afternoon we have the wedding of our dear friends Ryan and Rachel to attend. Nathan is a groomsman and I can’t wait to see him in his tux.;)

Rewind to Nathan’s birthday party last weekend! I got a group of his closest friends together and we all made the long drive to the Flying Armadillo for a fun day of disc golf! We had to get a group picture in front of the “Alamo”. The bottom picture pretty much sums up everyone’s personalities so well! 

I’m still slowly rebuilding muscle and adding on miles to my running routine. Yesterday morning I did a little over 6 miles to start off the day. It feels so great to run again!

We took some youth out to dinner and disc golf on Tuesday evening and they now are disc golf crazed.  

We love introducing people to the wonderful sport of disc golf!

This week in First grade we have been learning about outer space! Our DEAR buddies stopped by and brought my kids spaceship Rice Krispie treats that they made for them! I love this school!

On Friday evening we had the rehearsal dinner for Ryan and Rachel. It was outside at Ryan’s parents ranch house and was beautifully set up and catered. Unfortunately a bad storm came through right as we were getting ready to fire up the fire pit for s’mores so the party had to relocate inside. On the way from the chapel to the dinner Liz and I both needed a coffee fix to get us going, so we swung by my FAVORITE coffee shop, Local Coffee for some lattes. 

Saturday morning after my 6 miler I got all ready and headed to the airport to pick up my darling sister in law Amanda who is here visiting for a while! She just finished her freshman year of college and is officially on summer vacation! It was so great to see her smiling face. We immediately headed to the best ever Greek restaurant, Papoulis! 

I got the Mediterranean salad while she ordered the lamb burger. The food there never disappoints.We had a great lunch date and caught up on life.I had some errands to run so she graciously joined me and we wound up at the adorable and quaint little Bracken Village. There are a bunch of antique shops, clothing, jewelry, and furniture shops there. After shopping a bit and making my purchases we stopped by the Avocado Cafe. It is a vegan/gluten free cafe known for it’s fresh juices.

We both ordered smoothies and they were flavorful and fueled us for even more shopping!

The weather was a cool and breezy 80 degrees so walking around the little shops was quite enjoyable. 

Once we arrived home we were starving so I whipped us up some delicious GF spaghetti with meat sauce and sautéed mushrooms. We had some icecream for dessert and topped the night off playing games with the guys. Such a great day!

This is one of my favorite running quotes and rings so true for me. I feel the most free while running! I’m so thankful that the Lord gave me the ability and desire to run! Thanks God!

Well, I’ve got some tidying up to do around here then we are off to the wedding! It’s going to be a great week!

Lauren ❤

Nathan’s 26th Birthday & Back to Running

This week was Nathan’s 26th Birthday! We celebrated by going out to his favorite restaurant in the city, Chama Gaucho Brazillian Steakhouse. The food is gourmet and the service is so accommodating, they treat you like royalty from the moment you step into the restaurant. All the different cuts of meat were so well seasoned and flavorful. When you flip your card to red that signals the chefs to stop bringing you different handcuts of meat and then when you flip it back to green that signals them to bring on the meat. My favorite part was the delicious salad bar filled with every type of salad and aged cheese. This birthday boy was one happy guy!Once we arrived home I handed him his birthday gifts and arranged some of his favorite treats for him.  This Sunday I’m throwing him a birthday party with all of his friends, It’s going to be a great time!  I got Nathan a new top of the line disc golf bag that he LOVES and some brand new discs that he couldn’t wait to go try out.

We also hit up Fish City Grill and ordered our favorite entrees. Unfortunately being gluten free I couldn’t eat my favorite oyster nachos so I settled for some yummy soup and fresh grouper tacos.  
  I’ve been back at it in the running department. I ran 6 miles on Sunday and 6.3 miles Friday. I ran a few shorter runs in between there too but I’m slowly but surely gettin back to the running game. It’s been so hot here that I’ve had to make a cold refreshing smoothie to drink after each longer run.Last night my school had their annual Gala fundraiser. Nathan and I got dolled up and headed out for a night of good food, great friends/colleagues, and photo booths. Nathan and I had to pop into the photo booth and  then my elementary teacher ladies and I jumped on in for a hilarious photo session. These ladies never fail to crack me up, we have so much fun!  

 Before Gala selfie 😉  


This morning as the coffee was brewing and Nathan and I were reading our Bibles, I glanced out the window at Brandy and smiled. She loves just sitting on the deck and taking in the smells and sights of the city. I’m gonna miss this house! 


We have a busy day today ! I’m about to run some errands for Nathan’s birthday party tomorrow, I’m getting a massage, and then I have a lingerie/ Pajama party to attend for a friend later this evening. It’s going to be a great day!

Catch ya later!

Lauren ❤