House Guests and Snow Cones

Happy Saturday!

Today has been spent cleaning, packing, organizing, and cooking! For what you may ask? Well, we are off for a week of summer camp with 100 teens from our youth group and I am in total prep. mode! Directly after camp my family will be arriving in Texas to spend the next week vacationing with us here in San Antonio, so I want all my ducks to be in a row so that I won’t have too much I need to get done when we get back from camp. I know from past experiences how draining a week away with teenagers can be and plan to catch up on lost sleep before the family gets here!

On Tuesday I said goodbye to my dear friend Faith who spent a week here in the city with us. We went all over and didn’t waste any time catching up right where we left off. We ventured from Sea World one day to hiking at the Missions the next. Of course we toured the Alamo, shopped the outlets, and dined on the Riverwalk. It was sad to say bye, but looking back on all the great photos of her visit cheers me right up.

Save the Alamo!

                                  Save the Alamo!

Getting ready to take in some SeaWorld shows

         Getting ready to take in some SeaWorld shows

Hiking The Mission of San Jose

            Hiking The Mission of San Jose

Currently, Nathan’s sister Amanda is here visiting because she is joining us for a week of camp! Tomorrow morning I am picking up Nathans college buddy Josh from the airport as he will be our camp speaker all week! Tonight, we are going to hit up the Saturday night service at church and then take Amanda to a new-to-us snow cone shack called Bahama Bucks, which I am loving right now amidst all this crazy heat.

Gettin' my froyo on ;)

Gettin’ my froyo on 😉

Even though it has been vacation mode over here for a few weeks with all the visitors we’ve been having, I am still logging those miles each morning and incorporating hiking too! Keeping so busy has kept me from mindless eating lately which has been great. Now, I just need to keep my ice cream intake to minimum and my waistline will thank me! 😉

Delicious Bahama Bucks

Delicious Bahama Bucks

I’m off to go get ready and head out the door for church! See ya after Summer Camp!

Lauren ❤




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